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Antigua tax haven is one of many offshore tax havens located in the Caribbean. Antigua along with the neighboring island of Barbuda shares a constitution and government. Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands and the closets islands to Antigua are St Kitts and Nevis to the north and Montserrat is to the south. The official language of Antigua is English and the currency is the eastern Caribbean Dollar.

Businesses often look for ways to reduce taxable income. Tax havens offer various offshore companies and vehicles for doing so. Financial education is important for learning how to invest in different securities and reduce certain taxes. We work closely with partners in tax shelters where second citizenship programs provide the opportunity to enjoy low capital gains tax rate and friendly investment environments. Retirees can get high rates on retirement accounts. Such tax advantaged-accounts are available in these tax shelters which are advantageous locations for dual nationality. Tax havens are ideal for inheritance and succession tax planning with the aim of securing your financial future.

The Island of Antigua is known to many as a tourist destination where people go to enjoy lovely beaches and beautiful weather but what is known to very few people is that the island has developed as quite a reputable tax haven and offshore jurisdiction over the years. Antigua tax haven has set up the relevant environment to attract investors to its shores. Over the years the government of Antigua tax havens has passed legislation which has put Antigua tax haven at a very good position. The much legislation which governs offshore services and products in Antigua tax haven have been amended over the years making the products begin offered by the offshore tax haven very modern and effective.

Antigua tax haven offers the following offshore services to its clients; the incorporation of Antigua International Business Companies more commonly known as Antigua offshore companies, the formation of offshore trusts and offshore banking amongst other services. The provision of offshore services in Antigua tax haven is at present being regulated and supervised by the Antigua Financial Services Regulatory Services (AFSR). The AFSR was put in place in 2002 and to this date acts as the Registrar of International Business Companies in Antigua tax haven well as provide licenses to International Insurance Company as well as Internet gaming companies.

Antigua tax haven will continue to attract investors and offshore clients because it has a very attractive tax regime in place for offshore companies incorporated in the tax haven. Offshore legislation regulating the incorporation of Antigua offshore companies guarantees that offshore companies will be exempted from local taxes in tax haven Antigua for a period of fifty (50) years. Antigua companies will pay no local income tax, estate tax capital gains tax or inheritance tax on income that has been earned outside of Antigua tax haven. Antigua offshore trusts also benefits from the tax exemptions in Antigua tax haven.

Like many other tax havens in the world Antigua provides confidentiality for its clients. The names of the beneficial owners of Antigua companies is not made part of public records and legislation in Antigua tax haven prevents people from giving out information about concerning Antigua companies. Information about Antigua offshore companies can only be given out with the approval of the company owners or if a High Court ruling in Antigua gives orders to do so. Offshore banking in tax haven Antigua is also afforded the same privacy and Confidentiality. Information in offshore bank accounts cannot be given out without the consent of the offshore bank account holders. The same privilege is being offered to Antigua Offshore Trust.