PostHeaderIcon The Antigua International Trust

Antigua International Trusts are regulated by the Antigua Trust Act which was passed in 2004 and later amended. The Antigua offshore trust or Antigua International Trust is registered with the Antigua Financial Services Regulatory Commission which is an organization which was put in place to supervise and regulate financial and non financial services offered in the tax haven of Antigua. The Antigua International Trust is also known as the Antigua offshore trusts. The Antigua Truss are known as very good instruments to use when considering estate planning and tax planning. Antigua trusts are structured in a manner which will provide maximum asset protection.

At the time of registering and IBC, it is good to seek advice from our experts about how to apply for second citizenship. This is a smart technique of wealth preservation. Second passport programs demand more financial resources than foundation setups. However, Dominica citizenship is for life and a life of peace and safety has no price tag. Such programs are the Dominica Economic Citizenship and St. Kitts Citizenship-by-Investment Applicants buy real estate or donate to a fund and must first meet requirements to qualify. These programs are great channels for inheritance and succession planning.

According to the Antigua International Trust Act Charitable and non charitable trusts can be registered in the jurisdiction. Antigua International Trusts established for charitable intentions have indefinite life spans whilst other trusts registered in the tax have can be in existence for up to two hundred (200) years or the amount of time which has been stated in the trust deed. Trust set up for charity are considered to be one of the following: a trust set up for development in education, sports, religion or other purposes which will benefit a society, for the relief of poverty and the protection of the environment.

The formation and registration of an Antigua International trust has many benefits as these can benefit from significant tax exemptions in the offshore tax haven. Antigua International trusts pay no local income tax on the assets in an Antigua trust. The registered trust will pay no estate tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. The Antigua international Trust will also be exempted from Stamp Duty.

The Antigua Trust is according to legislation able to hold assets and properties in its name. The trust can hold properties in the tax haven of Antigua providing that approval has been sought and given from the government. The Antigua Trust cannot engage in business or providing services in the Caribbean region. The Antigua Trust according to the provisions of the Antigua Trust act must be managed by a Trustee. The Trustee will be the representative for the trust on all matters including administrative. Each offshore trust set up in Antigua must have a trust deed which is basically lays out the laws as to how the Antigua Trust should operate. The Antigua trust is allowed a maximum of four (4) trustees and a minimum of one (1).

The Antigua International or offshore trust like all other offshore entities is guaranteed privacy and confidentiality in the tax haven. Antigua Trusts are protected by legislation in Antigua which prevents information concerning trusts to be given away without the consent of the trust owners, information in trust can only be given out if a court ruling in Antigua give the permission, if the trust owners have consented and if the Antigua Trust is involved in illegal or criminal acts.

The Antigua Trust is easy to set up and can be done with the help of many professional offshore trust service providers in the tax haven.