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The International Business Companies Act of the offshore tax haven of Antigua was passed as early as 1982. Over the years has been amended a few times with the end result being a more progressive and competitive Antigua offshore company.

The Antigua Company Law states that an International Business Company incorporated in the offshore tax haven cannot do business with residents of the island or conduct its business within the offshore jurisdiction. Antigua offshore companies are by the stipulations of Antigua company law prohibited from exporting goods and other services within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). The Antigua offshore companies are free to do business anywhere else in the world except the aforementioned restricted areas.

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Antigua Company Law allows for the easy incorporation of Antigua International Business Companies. These companies in fact take only one day to incorporate. According to Antigua Company Law only one shareholder and one director is need for the incorporation of an offshore company in the jurisdiction. Antigua Company Laws states that a Company Secretary must be appointed by each offshore company in the jurisdiction. The Company Secretary has the responsibilities of recording minutes of meetings among other responsibilities.

The Antigua Company Law state that in order to incorporate an Antigua offshore company a complete Articles of Incorporation must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in the tax haven. Information which must be files is the following; the name of the Antigua offshore company, the name and address of the registered agent, the number of shares to be issued and the classes of shares to be issued by the Antigua Company and the type of business to be carried out by the company. All offshore companies incorporated in Antigua must have a registered agent at all times. The Antigua Company Act states that an offshore company will not be incorporated without a registered agent.

Antigua Company Law states that the name of an offshore company to be registered in the tax haven of Antigua should not be one already used or similar to that of a company which has already been incorporated in the jurisdiction. Antigua offshore companies name can end in the following words; corporation, Incorporated or Limited. The Antigua Company law does not support the use of company names which show affiliation with the government of Antigua or any other government. Antigua companies wishing to include the following words in their name must first obtain a license from the government; Insurance, Bank, Trust, Reinsurance, Trustee, Building Society, Investment Fund, Chamber of Commerce and Asset management among others.

Antigua Company Laws guarantees exemptions from local taxes for Antigua offshore companies for a period of fifty (50) years which begins on the day of incorporations. The Antigua company laws ensure that Antigua offshore companies pay no local income tax, estate tax, withholding tax or gift tax, tax exemptions are given on income which is gained outside of the offshore jurisdiction of Antigua. Antigua Companies also pay no stamp duty on transactions which are carried out on behalf of the offshore companies.

The Antigua Company Laws ensures that Antigua offshore companies are well protected by providing confidentiality clauses. The Antigua offshore company is one of the best in the Caribbean region and has helped the offshore jurisdiction of Antigua earned a very positive reputation amongst the many countries which provide offshore services.