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The island of Antigua is the biggest of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. Like most of the other Caribbean islands Antigua was colonized for a long period by the British. Situated near Antigua is another island Barbuda which shares government and constitution. Antigua is the main island where the capital is located along with the country’s international airport and deep water harbor. The islands have an estimated population of nearly 70,000 inhabitants with the majority of the people concentrated in the capital of St John’s. The official language of Antigua is English. The official currency of Antigua is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD).

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Antigua has one of the strongest economies in the Eastern Caribbean which is maintained mainly by tourism and a developed financial services sector. The island of Antigua advertises itself as the ultimate tourist destination and this is with good reason. Antigua has perfect climate and hundreds of beautiful white sand beaches. Many international resorts and hotels can be found on the island of Antigua. Many of Antigua’s hotels and resorts are located on beaches and very private areas. Antigua is also a well known wedding destination and many resorts in Antigua have exciting wedding and honeymoon packages available.

Getting to Antigua is very easy. The country has an international airport and flights come in from many countries including the continents of the United States and Europe and neighboring Caribbean countries. Antigua is also frequented by many cruise liners which makes regular stops on the island. There is a long list of activities to be enjoyed in Antigua including scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, cricket, golf, bird watching, hiking and fishing among other activities.

Antigua is very popular for sailing and has two well recognized sailing event Sail Week and the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. Antigua Sail week is into its 43rd year and attracts competitors from around the world. The Sail Week runs for six weeks which is complete with partying in a true Caribbean atmosphere. The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta has been in the running for more than twenty years and attracts its fair share of visitors and competitors to the island of Antigua.

The Antigua Financial services sector is supervised by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC). The Antigua FSRC is responsible for supervising the offshore banks in the jurisdiction, the formation of offshore trusts and the incorporation of the Antigua International Business Companies among other financial and non financial services being offered in the offshore jurisdiction of Antigua. The Antigua FSRC was put in place in 2002 as a means of developing Antigua as a top financial center in the Caribbean region.

The island of Antigua is regarded as a tax haven since it offers business companies which pay no local taxes. Antigua offers clients Antigua International Business Companies and the Antigua none of which pays local taxes on foreign generated income. Antigua also offers offshore banking to its offshore clients. To date Antigua has earned itself a good reputation as a provider of offshore services.